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We are Broadband Network Management & Broadcasting experts. Our Network Management and Orchestration (NMS & MANO) solutions enable Service Providers to manage both physical infrastructure and virtual network functions, maximize network utilization, reduce maintenance costs and achieve higher throughput per subscriber.

NEXOG multi-vendor management solution manages any network and every node over multiple-protocols, including SNMP and NETCONF. Quick to implement and simple to use, NEXOG solutions are available as SaaS, Virtualized or On-premises to fit any size network.

Network Management Solution that fits

Any Network, Every Node


4G, 5G, Small Cell, FemtoCell Backhaul P2P, PtMP


modulator, demodulator BUK, LNA, DTR, ACU


3G/4G/5G WiFi Offload Outdoor/Indoor WiFi




Unified Delivery, Production, Contribution, Resource Scheduling, DTT, DTH


Cloud-based service, Plug & Play, MQTT, Secure Solution

Multi-vendor Management Umbrella

Broadband NMS

At NEXOG we deeply understand the challenges, internal issues and dynamics of managing wireless and fix broadband networks. Following this knowledge, we designed our NMS platform to provide top-of-the-line network management tools for today’s access networks while providing smooth migration path to network management of the virtualized network, SDN and NFV

NEXOG NMS enables telecom operators and service operators to accelerate deployment (shorten time to revenue), deliver the best subscriber experience (increase loyalty) while optimizing network performance and utilization.

Our open platform can manage all network types, all services and all equipment protocols.

Scalable from small networks up to full Tier 1 telco network

Available as SaaS (cloud), Virtualized and On-Premise

Main Features

NEXOG provides a comprehensive unified management umbrella for all network equipment supporting multiple protocols, including SNMP, NETCONF, REST, TR-069, XML and MQTT

The management system supports the whole lifecycle of the infrastructure equipment such as Base Stations, eNodeB, SmallCell, OLE, MSAG and many more. NEXOG NMS provides the complete foundation that includes:

  • Activation & Configuration
  • Alerts & Troubleshooting
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Maintenance & Optimizations

NEXOG NMS proactively identifies potential issues quickly and provides corrective actions continuously. As your broadband network grows rapidly and dynamically, NEXOG NMS enables you to manage multiple network elements with a unified umbrella approach.

Our NMS Platform is Future Proven

NEXOG NMS combines the traditional FCAPS management with up-to-date and comprehensive management capabilities, including: Maps, Service Management, Profile Management, Analytics, Reports, Campaign management and more.

Fault Management

Campaign Management


Configuration Management

Template & Profile Management

Maps & Topology

Performance Management

User Management

Domain Management

Security Management

Analytics & Reports

Northbound Interface (NBI)















Today's devices include complex and on-going configurations. YANG based data modeling enables easier monitoring, setup and configuration of physical or virtual network functions. NEXOG's AgentXG is specially designed to smoothly introduce a unified YANG data modeling configuration and monitoring to the majority of IP connected entities such as IoT/Routing/Telecom/Broadcasting devices or virtualized components.

AgentXG eliminates the complexity and the hard-work in maintaining multiple management protocols supported in-house.

Main Features

Once integrated AgentXG handles the multi-protocol support for NETCONF, SNMP, RESTCONF, CLI and WebAPI under a single and unified YANG agent umbrella dealing with high load of configuration change and validation (including referential integrity, conditional data nodes and cross references). YANG data models can be easily augmented to describe the specifics of particular types of networks and topologies.

AgentXG implementation follows the main industry standards for YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF and SNMP implementation: RFC6020, RFC7950. RFC7895, RFC6241, RFC6242, RFC6243, RFC5277, RFC8341, RFC8040, RFC7951, RFC1157, RFC1901-RFC1908, RFC3411-RFC3418.

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High Availability

High Availability



High Performance

High Performance



Access Control

Access Control



Broadcast Orchestrator

Specially designed for occasional-use broadcasters and content contributors, the NEXOG G2 Orchestrator provides powerful, field-proven scheduling of services, resource booking, and end-to-end transport stream management. It is the optimum management platform for live sports and event feeds. NEXOG’s G2 Orchestrator provides leading-edge content security, offering full support for the advanced BISS-CA encryption standard.

Main Features

NEXOG G2 Orchestrator is a professional, web-based scheduler for broadcast service and event creation. Events can be created manually or automatically, using synopsis data specifying the start/end time, the event source, target receivers and the encryption type. The system orchestrates the booking of transport stream resources, such as multiplexers, encoders and modulators identifying any overbooking of reserved resources.
NEXOG G2 Orchestrator transport stream service dashboard enables quick service creation and control, supporting all major video formats (SD, HD, 4K), as well as service bitrate strategy and shaping (Guaranteed, Best Effort). The actual service bitrate is dynamically calculated and adjusted according to weather conditions, the video format used and the shaping strategy selected.
NEXOG G2 Orchestrator leverages the BISS-CA standard to manage the keys of decoders, ensuring that only authorized takers will be able to receive the content, while blocking content for unauthorized takers. NEXOG G2 Orchestrator can manage and monitor the teleport transmitters to ensure continuous, reliable satellite transmission. Teleport management includes redundancy and switchover in case of a failure, reducing the impact on service to a minimum. The orchestrator maintains a huge global database consisting of thousands of takers and their decoders, making it easy to schedule events and confidently secure the content.

Basic Interoperable Scrambling System - Conditional Access

BISS-CA provides the highest level of content security available today, which is one of the reasons why leading broadcasters have chosen NEXOG’s G2 Orchestrator to distribute and secure their valuable live content.

Event Scheduling

Event Scheduling

Resource Booking

Resource Booking

Transport Stream Management

Transport Stream Management

BISS-CA Scrambling

BISS-CA Scrambling

Teleport Management

Teleport Management

Receiver Management

Receiver Management

Operational Intelligence

NEXOG Operational Intelligence (OI) solution combines performance analytics with business considerations. The operational intelligence is created, acquired and enhanced based on smart real-time network performance analytics. These smart analytics identify bottlenecks, trends, loads, consumption, problematic users and elements. Operational intelligence enables service providers to ensure the service level agreements (SLAs) they are committed to.

NEXOG OI uses a powerful big data analytics engine that continuously processes multiple data inputs and presents an overall network operational dashboard view and the derived business impacts. NEXOG OI analyzes parallel data sources such as real-time streaming performance data, historical pattern data, equipment infrastructure resources and business rules.

NEXOG OI presents a clear and precise network operational view, enabling the Network Service Operator to make the right decisions and actions at the right time.

NEXOG’s unique Operational Intelligence enables operators to optimize their network performance and increase the number of subscribers and at the same time achieve a higher throughput per subscriber that will increase customer satisfaction.

With NEXOG OI, Service Operators can proactively and effectively respond to threats and opportunities. NEXOG NMS helps you understand your network status and the OI makes sure you manage and deliver the promised SLAs.

Managing Any Network and Every Node

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

NEXOG Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) solution takes into account interference collisions and identifies smart resource allocation in order to maximize network usage and performance.

Demands on service providers are constantly increasing due to greater use of bandwidth hungry applications, such as video, gaming and other multimedia services. 

However, not all users need needs massive amounts of bandwidth at the same time and at the same place. NEXOG DBA solution dynamically adjusts network resources based on network indications in real time.

Our unique DBA engine continuously and automatically reallocates bandwidth priorities, enabling service providers to deliver maximum bandwidth at minimal cost.

NEXOG Markets

Broadband Services is all about the experience. Broadband data usage is rising daily, pushed forward by more devices, more apps and next-generation infrastructure that can deliver more data at higher speeds.

NEXOG broadband management expertise enables Telecom Operators and Service Providers to deliver attractive services and reliable user experience across Mobile 3G, 4G LTE, 5G and Fix xDSL, Fiber and Cable networks.

A great mobile experience is result of expert managing of the broadband network. NEXOG solutions ensure network managers have the leading platform to manage their network.

Within the growing ecosystem of service providers, content providers, aggregators, device manufacturers, and app developers, NEXOG products and solutions allow Service Providers to leverage their network management system to collaborate with ecosystem partners and to maximize revenues from the existing network.

Telecom Equipment Manufacturers (TEM) are involved in the business of design, manufacturing and sales of network equipment infrastructure. Their products and services are distributed to several types of customers such as Service Providers, Enterprises, Small Businesses and Home Consumers.

Network equipment infrastructure, such as eNodeB, Small Cell, Femtocell, P2P, PMP, Wi-Fi AP, OLE and NGN DSLAM, require an element management system (EMS/NMS) to track their activity and optimize their use.

Equipment manufacturers need an EMS/NMS management platform that optimizes the performance of the equipment they sell to Telco operators. NEXOG NMS platform can be easily OEM, customized and re-branded to fit any need. NEXOG provides an off the shelf open platform that can be fully branded to fit the Telecom Equipment Manufacturer (TEM) branding design requirements.

Virtualized networks need advanced network management systems that are flexible and agile even more than the physical networks. NEXOG NMS was developed to Manage and Orchestrate (MANO) the Next generation (SDN, NFV) networks, that are mostly virtualized networks.

  • Virtual RAN
  • Virtual eNodeB
  • Virtual Carrier Ethernet
  • Virtual Firewall
  • Virtual Load balancer
  • Virtual CPE

All these agile scalable elements need to be orchestrated and optimized.

NEXOG’s advanced management system is built to include virtual elements and manage them in conjunction with the physical network elements. NEXOG NMS can manage visualized networks as orchestration platform. The NMS enables unified network operations display of both the physical and virtual network components.

NEXOG as your Network Management and Orchestration (MANO) solution can effectively manage your virtual network (SDN, NFV)

Broadcast market is full supported in the NEXOG NMS, NEXOG Booking system will enable to plan & book any event, create your own service workflow & execute it with the most efficient way, your way.

The NEXOG NMS can manage any broadcast vendor equipment such as: encoders, decoders, satellite modulators & demodulators, microwave, Cellular bonding equipment, NFV & accelerators, switches & routers & many more.


We at NEXOG created a solution that will fit your network management needs – our products support multi-vendor communication equipment, multi-protocol components and we incorporated into our products years of experience in broadband.

Using NEXOG is Quick! – Our products are quick to implement and simple to use. You can build your multi-vendor network management umbrella in only a few hours. NEXOG will enable you to get full control over your network and optimize your network performance in only a few hours

Our flexible deployment scenarios (SaaS, Virtualized, On-Premise) are targeted to fit small green field networks as well as large Tier 1 Telecom networks. We made it modular to be both affordable and scalable.

Reduce operational costs and optimize network performance by managing your network with NEXOG using the simplest and quickest path to succeed.

NEXOG is your partner for today's and tomorrow's management needs. We understand broadband networks and know how to control and get the max out of the network

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